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Re: Week Eleven of the 2020 NFL Regular Season!!!

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Well Tegan it looks like Peyton Manning is going to the Football Hall Of Fame---he was one of the semi-finalists for 2021...but sure to be a shoe-in...JMHO!!! 



Congrats to Peyton! There was never any doubt. 


I saw that the Ravens-Steelers game has been moved to Sunday. I'm going to have to adjust my Thanksgiving fantasy line up accordingly. This has become common because of players testing positive. 


What will NBC replace the game with Thanksgiving night? 



From what I read the NFL isnt replacing the Ravens/Steelers game they will just go with the 2 games for Thanksgiving....


Here's bad news for my WFT and your fantasy lineup....Terry McLaurin is listed as quesionable for Thursdays game...😥 He was out of practice on Monday due to an ankle injury and moved up to limited participation on Tuesday and a full practice on Wednesday.


More news on Peyton--- he's bringing back the old College Bowl Quiz Game...and his brothers Eli & Cooper are producers....

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Re: Week Eleven of the 2020 NFL Regular Season!!!

Thanks  for the news on McLaurin. I use fanduel, and they always update players' status. Often when a player is listed as questionable, they still play. I have until 30 minutes before kickoff to change my roster. I'll check again tomorrow before the game starts. 

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