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Will my husband, Bill Murray, voicing play by play action. 😂😂😂😂😂

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Dustin Johnson, current leader, was a student at Coastal Carolina University when I worked there.  I lived on the golf course where the team practiced and got many balls in the yard, because the guys would shoot over trees in the rough for practice.  It has been a lot of fun following his career.

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The Augusta  Course is just not the same without the Azaleas in bloom.

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Quite Re: Watching The Masters

Quite a blowout for Dustin Johnson today.  But just as impressed with Cameron Smith's four rounds under 70 for the tournament.

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Wanted to put this post here where not many from community chat visit. I am sorry that your post about your sister contracting the virus got removed. Some of what I said bothered some others so I deleted that post of mine.


Others I could not delete because of them being quoted by others. As soon as I saw it was causing arguments I deleted what I could of my posts.


I am sorry if my comments got your post closed. You mentioned your sister is in her 70's and I think also has COPD. 


Will keep her and you in my thoughts, hoping the best for her dealing with this terrible disease. No need to reply as I don't want anything to get started here.


My sincere apologies concerning your thread about your sister being closed.





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@hckynut.  I did not see the last couple of hours of posts on that thread so I don't know what happened.  I was very hurt that the mods chose to delete the whole thing.  Why can't they just delete objectionable posts?  I guess they're too busy doing CS work to give us much attention.


Thanks for mentioning it.

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