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Things are looking ominous for Nascar.

Today's race at Bristol might have 25% of the seats filled. (That may be an optimistic estimate.) It wasn't long ago when Bristol had years-long waiting lists for tickets and empty seats were unheard of. Now there are many more empty seats than there are fans. It's not a good omen for Nascar. It's an expensive sport to operate, and I'm not sure they can generate the revenue needed to meet their costs much longer. They really need to fix their issues while there's still a sport left to fix.

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Re: Things are looking ominous for Nascar.

Talladega will make up for it.

People start rolling in early in the week.

The stands will fill up for the Sunday race.

The track has undergone a great refurbishing.


Bristol is a short track, not sure you can judge NASCAR by that track in particular.

It was fun to watch a race there when guys like Mark Martin were racing.


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Re: Things are looking ominous for Nascar.

NASCAR needs to bring in younger fans if it wants to prosper in the future.  I'm not sure stock car racing is a preferred spectator event for this demographic.  Do you think Darrell Waltrip might have been 'encouraged' to retire to make room for a younger person in the booth? 

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Re: Things are looking ominous for Nascar.

I don't know about Bristol, but we go to Talladega in Oct. and it's packed.

I'm not even a big Nascar fan, but Talladega is a blast.