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We are a family of Giants fans.  Our older son and his wife were in attendance at AT&T Park last night. 

The team is doing horribly, having now lost 5 games in a row.  As of today, the Arizon Diamond Backs swept them....

Trying not to be too depressed, but the Giants do seem to get cold as a team.

Poor pitching and terrible offense.

Any other Giants fans out there feeling the pain as well?

We are trying to take the attitude that this is still very early, so maybe this will all turn around.  Having said that, I will sign off with :  GO GIANTS!

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Re: SF Giants Downward Spiral

Giants family here too.  You are so right, they look horrible.  The pitching, the offense, the bullpen, ugh!  Their defense looks good, but that won't win games.  Hopefully they'll come out of this slump.  Hopefully, soon!    Go Giants!

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Re: SF Giants Downward Spiral

Once Hunter Pence gets on track, you'll be fine.  As I recall, he can be streaky.

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Re: SF Giants Downward Spiral

It's too early to worry about it. The Giants do have a history of running hot and cold. When they get hot, they'll win nine out of ten games and be right back in the race. With Bumgarner & Cueto at the top of their rotation, and Posey & Pence in the middle of their order, they won't have many five game losing streaks. And the most important thing why you shouldn't worry at all - It's an even year. Woman Very Happy

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Re: SF Giants Downward Spiral

I live in Arizona so all I can say is "Go D'backs"! 

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Re: SF Giants Downward Spiral

I can almost feel your pain, but my pain screams louder. My Minnesota Twins are 5-13 this year, circling the drain in the bottom of their division. At least you still have hope!


I lived in the Bay Area as a child, remember going to a game at Seal Stadium and watching Willie Mays and Stan Musial. Great memories!

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