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Congratulations to the New England Patriots, they always come back in the fourth quarter. What a game!! Go Pats 🏈

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@Chessa35 wrote:

Congratulations to the New England Patriots ! What a game ! The fans know to never leave a Patriots game early ! So proud ! Now on to the Super Bowl !

YES - GO PAT'S !!!!!!!

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Congratulations to one of my husband's favorite football teams, the

New England Patriots     

on their AFC Championship win, and wishing them luck as they play in the Super Bowl in two weeks against my  beloved 

Philadelphia Eagles 🦅,

who also won their Conference Championship, the NFC, this evening. 


We we are passionate about football, especially our teams, in our family. Oh! what fun Super Bowl Sunday will be at our house! Can't wait!



Hugs . . .

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@emma bunting wrote:


@Emma Bunting

Haaa, this is pretty funny!  Looks like the Jags got introduced to the Pit of Misery!  

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