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One of my favorite Superbowl ads was the one with Eli and OBJ dancing to the song "Time of My Life." It was great how they repeated the "Dirty Dancing" steps. After what the Giants organization went through, good to see that the players still have a sense of humor, and added a positive note to the NFL. 


On the Colts forum. it seems to be only a rumor that McDaniels isn't going to Indy. Most other analysts say that it's going to happen. McDaniels hasn't said anything because he was focusing on the Superbowl. After all the hype, it would be a bad move if he did back out IMO. Everyone will know for sure by the end of the week. 

@teganslaw the Dirty Dancing commercial was my favorite. I laughed so hard. My 9 yr old son is a big Beckham fan (has the jersey backpack, birthday cake...etc). I'm a Philly girl and we are so proud of our EAGLES. Our parade is tomorrow. Schools are closed as well as many businesses in the downtown area. My office is downtown (right in the heart of the parade route) so we are closed tomorrow also.