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Re: NFL News for September 2018!

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@gardenman wrote:
A lot of teams seem to be over paying players. OBJ, Mack, the Rams' Donald, and maybe even Aaron Rodgers. There's been a lot of money thrown around this year. I'm not sure it's smart money. OBJ gets hurt a lot and the Giants were 0-4 even when he was healthy. He's still got a maturity issue also. More money doesn't generally help cure immaturity. Pass rushers can be double teamed. They can be chipped by a back or tight end to slow them. Aaron Rodgers largely plays with very limited talent around him. It's hard to argue he's not worth the money, but they really should get more talent around him. It'll be interesting to see how those contracts work over the long term.



Yep....lots of overpaying...and those big contracts never seemed to work out for my Redskins!  In fact, I was waiting for the news because I thought for sure they would have mortgaged the farm (as the saying goes) get Mack ....But glad we didnt...............


And the Giants sure could use a decent backup QB.........

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