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Re: NFL News and Notes for May 2023!!!

Washington is micing up the QBs in the OTAs helps give some insight on leadership's some comments on Sam Howell, coaches and teammates:


“One thing you notice really is just his ball placement. I mean, he always seems to put the ball in a good position for the receiver. You know, he understands leverages, so he’s throwing away from where the defenders are. You also see him again working with the younger guys. Talking to them, not just the quarterbacks, but the positional guys. Talking to the young receivers about how to run around, how to turn and come back to the ball, stuff like that. I mean, that’s something that a veteran guy does and like I said, he’s doing a really nice job. I love the way he handles it.”


Rivera said he thinks the shared practices with the Ravens will be huge for Sam Howell's development. Big asset for the team


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