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Re: NFL News and Notes for April 2019!!!

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Eagles have picked up the fifth year option on Carson Wentz. He's now an Eagle through the 2020 season at least. 


To the surprise of pretty much everyone, the Chiefs still haven't cut loose Tyreek Hill. Let's see now, he punched a pregnant woman in her stomach while in college. He broke his three year old's arm and threatened his now girlfriend on tape. Sure, that's the kind of guy we want on our team! Uh, no. The Chiefs say they are troubled by what they've heard. No. If you were sane you'd have cut him loose almost immediately. Do you have to wait for him to kill someone before cutting him loose? You gambled on him coming out of college that it was a one-time mistake and now you've lost the gamble. It's time to pay the price for the mistake. He's a bad guy. You took a chance on him and it paid off in getting a talented player, but his demons are real and he needs to be exorcised, not coddled. Cut him loose. I understand he's a valuable player and will cost you money and likely games if you release him, but keeping him on the roster is a far, far bigger mistake and that mistake grows larger the longer you keep him. Players get cut for a lot less than what's he's done. Move on.


With free agency largely done (Suh and Ziggy Ansah are the last big names still floating around,) the draft now behind us, and undrafted free agents signed, rosters are largely set and ready for training camp. Oddly enough, there hasn't been much front-office bloodletting so far. Or if there has been, it's been kept quiet. GM's, scouts, player personnel guys all typically get fired about now. I haven't heard of any moves in those areas so far. Maybe they're waiting for May first to announce the changes? Or maybe there are fewer changes than normal this year. We'll have to see.

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!