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Re: NFL News and Notes/March 2018!!

Interesting: McGlinchey's name has been brought up on the Colts forum. Several people there would like to see him drafted by Indy. I have no idea where he would end up. So far, most of the mock drafts have Indy drafting Barkley, Chubb or even Quentin Nelson.


Goodell needs to investigate if a player named Dallas ended up in Philly. That's just not right. Woman LOL


Hope everyone has a great Easter!

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Re: NFL News and Notes/March 2018!!

Happy Easter everyone!


I think McGlinchey will be a good pickup for whoever gets him. He may not look great his first year and could get pushed around a bit, but from year two on, he could be a beast. If you could let him watch and learn the first year, while he bulked up, it would be ideal. He's a former tight end, so he's athletic. I suspect the sky's the limit for the kid, just don't expect too much year one. 

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