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OBJ signed a five year contract for 95 million, 41 million of that guaranteed. He will receive 20 million yearly for the first three years. That's the most money for a receiver in the NFL. SPURT, what does your sister think about the contract? OBJ will have to prove that he's worth that much. 


The Colts signed LB Brandon Chubb (brother of Bradley Chubb) to replace Antonio Morrison and released Tion Green. I would think that any Chubb is a good signing. Woman Happy


Luck won't play in the final preseason game. They'll go with Brissett for a quarter, then with Phillip Walker the other three quarters.  Walker was impressive the last few times he played. Robert Turbin will also play; his four game suspension starts the regular season, so he'll be available for the last preseason game.



My sister does not like OBJ, she said sure he made A FEW (her words) but he missed a bunch too ( her words) and they wasted too much money...she said they should have spent it on offensive lineman to protect Eli (her favorite player

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