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South Carolina Gamecocks Women's Basketball Team is ranked NUMBER 1.  They play tomorrow.  They will win the whole thing.  GO GAMECOCKS.


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"The Shortest Men's Team in the Country," Fairleigh Dickinson, beat No. 1 seed Purdue.  I love it.

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@10sluvr wrote:

Go spartans! #7, MSU Coach Izzo for the win-25 consecutive years, with teams in the tournament.


Once again, I am here with you @10sluvr !  Sparty on!!  Sweet 16

25 yrs and counting!!!

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Now that Northwestern has been eliminated, I'll also pull for Michigan State.  They were my father's favorite team.

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They looked really good, last Friday. Fingers crossed for Thursday. Poor Izzo wears his heart on his sleeve. He's 68!