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Just a reminder, Saturday is the postponed 146th running of the Kentucky Derby.  I found the time listed as anywhere from 5:45 to 7:00pm ET.  Suffice it to say it's late in the afternoon.

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looking forward to it....but i'll miss the hats!

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My tv grid is showing 2:30p EST for KD.  It's on NBC.

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I will be at Monmouth park racetrack Saturday in my derby hat can’t wait ❤️🐴

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I can't wait!  Tiz the Law all the way!!

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I'm so jealous that you will be at Monmouth.   I live near Belmont Park and our

Gov has not let Belmont have fans.  The place is cavernous with not much attendance, plenty of room to social distance.  I so miss the track and my annual trip to Saratoga.


Maybe I'll take a trip to Monmouth.

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Sorry, but I just cannot watch horse racing.

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It's exciting!   At least it is something else to watch, something different.  I will miss the fancy hats in the stands though, but I always enjoy the races.  It starts at 2:30 on the east coast and I find the background stories of the horses and trainers facsinating at times.

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Thanks for the reminder


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I'm excited because I put in an early bet on Tiz back in December so if he wins I get much better odds.