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Re: KC Chiefs Asst. Coach Britt Reid Car Wreck

I can remember way back when Andy Reid was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and his son had some serious issues then.


This is very sad....I feel for those that were injured.

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Re: KC Chiefs Asst. Coach Britt Reid Car Wreck

@KingstonsMom wrote:

According to today's news, he has now been terminated by the Chiefs.


Big whoop....still no charges.

@KingstonsMom, I completely agree with you.

If an “ordinary” person were driving drunk and caused such a horrifying accident, well, that person would be charged and sent to jail.  But wait, an “ordinary” person could not afford the high bail money and would be jailed.


This is not the time to lament parenting skills.  If one is an addict, they should not drive.  Simply put.  And this poor little

child will hopefully survive,  but may live with the results of this man’s total irresponsibility for the rest of her life.


What a horror show.  


Over 50 years ago, my father’s cousin lost a little son.  He had been walking by the side of the road with his brother and was hit by a car.  The driver never stopped, and the police never found the driver.  I have always thought it likely was an impaired driver who hit and killed this little child.

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Re: KC Chiefs Asst. Coach Britt Reid Car Wreck

He'll be charged. It just takes time to make sure you've got everything locked down and verified first. That's especially true of a higher profile perp who can afford good lawyers. You'll want the blood samples tested at two or more labs to ensure they get the same result. You'll need those results certified. You might even wait until you know the outcome of the child before deciding which charges to file. He'll get charged though. In all likelihood, a plea deal will be reached where he'll serve a certain amount of time behind bars, pay a fine, lose his license, and commit to rehab.


Why would a prosecutor accept a plea deal? Money. Prosecutors don't have unlimited budgets. A wealthy defendant can make it impossible for a normally funded DA's office to prosecute them. A case that might be over and done within a day or two with a "normal" perp, can be stretched out for weeks/months by attorneys for a wealthier client. 


The OJ Simpson case was a perfect example of this. It cost the prosecution a fortune. You couldn't really have asked for a more open and shut case. The perp's ex-wife murdered after an argument with him. His hat and a glove found at the crime scene. The matching glove found at his property. Blood on the gloves at both locations match the victims. Blood on the floor mats of OJ's car matched the victims. Bloody footprints inside OJ's house match footprints found at the scene and the blood matches that of the victims. In the real world with a poor, or middle-class client the trial would have ended in a day or two and OJ would have gone to jail. His legal team bought/brought in "experts"/witnesses who stretched things out for weeks. Endless motions and stalling tactics forced the LA District Attorney's office to spend an estimated $9 million on the trial. That's a pretty big chunk of the LA District Attorney's yearly budget.


The Reid family can likely afford to spend more than the entire yearly budget of the local DA and bankrupt his office in a trial if they so choose to do so. DA's are far too aware of this and tend to cut plea deals just so they can afford to stay within their budget. The perp gets some form of punishment, typically not enough, and the DA's office stays afloat and can afford to prosecute others who can't afford to outspend the DA's office.

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Re: KC Chiefs Asst. Coach Britt Reid Car Wreck

I just want justice to be served. What he did to that child and her family is horrific.