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Re: 😲 Eagle's head coach is gone! 😲

At this time, Wentz is the ninth highest paid QB in the league. And he'll drop down even further as the new contracts for guys like Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, etc. get signed in the offseason, and subsequent years.


The Eagles have a lot of issues. The QB salary isn't one of them. A meddling owner is one of them. He considered firing Doug Pederson and even went to the extent of interviewing defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz (and likely others also) for the job in 2016. That was Doug's first year as the head coach. Doug winning the Super Bowl in 2017 forced Jeffrey Lurie to keep Doug around, but Doug wanted more control than Lurie and Roseman were willing to give him.


Doug Pederson wants to pick his own staff. He wants to pick the coaches he works with. The Lurie/Roseman duo say no. They'll pick his staff and he's got to work with whoever they pick. Doug wants control of the roster. They say no. They'll decide who gets to play each week. This year we saw Jason Peters put out on the field for week after week when he was not playing well. Why? Because he was a Lurie/Roseman favorite. We saw Alshon Jeffrey kept on the roster all season despite only making a total of six catches in the seven games he played in. Why? Once again, Lurie/Roseman wanted him kept active. 


If you're going to hold the head coach responsible for the record, you've got to give him some control. The Lurie/Roseman duo don't want the coach to have much power or control. They think they know better than the coach. It turns out they don't.


Whoever they hire as the new head coach will be expected to cede power to them over coaching hires, roster, and more. They'll be the figurehead who gets the ax should things go badly, but will have little control or power within the organization.


I expect to see Wentz, Ertz, and more guys traded. In Lurie's press conference he talked of the need for more draft picks. The only way you get more picks is by trading away players for picks. It's going to be an interesting offseason in Philly.

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Re: 😲 Eagle's head coach is gone! 😲

I have heard one rumor floating around that says Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman are trying to put together a blockbuster trade with Houston. The idea is the Eagles will hire Eric Bieniemy (a former Eagle) as the new coach. And since Deshaun Watson wanted Bieniemy as his coach,  then a deal could be struck with the Texans to trade Carson Wentz and the #6 draft pick and maybe more for Watson. Not sure what would happen with Jalen Hurts, though.


And another thought is that the Eagles will  try and hire  Lincoln Riley, who would then be reunited with Hurts. In that scenario, Wentz would be traded to IND or PIT, etc.


But of course it could be that Lurie wants to keep Wentz and felt he had to find a coach with whom Wentz would feel comfortable, since Wentz leaked that he had a "fractured" relationship with Pederson. 


Whatever happens, I think Doug Pederson deserved better treatment. He was the only coach who ever got a Super Bowl win for Philly. I hope he lands a great job and does very well!



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Re: 😲 Eagle's head coach is gone! 😲

I know all about the owners picking the coaches.  At least the Eagles have a GM.


From a Dallas Cowboys semi fan.