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@yellowBeetle , good to see you posting. Wentz to the Colts has been mentioned, but it all depends on what happens with Philip Rivers.  He has said that he either will stay with the Colts or retire, becoming a free agent isn't an option. Rivers' contract is for one year, so I think he will see how the playoffs go before making a final decision. 


Ballard was given an extended contract. He has done a good job as GM, so it's deserved. 

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Thanks teganslaw! Will not be posting often as I made a New Year's resolution to spend much less time online! But could not resist weighing in on... imo...the utterly disgraceful and disgusting tanking by the Eagles on Sunday. It made me ashamed to be an Eagles fan. 


And I agree about Philip Rivers. If he opts to stay with the Colts, then Wentz will not be going there! (Our son went to NC State a few years after Rivers left...and he said Rivers was and will always be an idolized figure there!) It has been so nice to see Rivers do so well at Indianapolis. It will be a tough game against the Bills, but good luck to your Colts!