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Re: Congratulations to The Golden State Warriors 🏆

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I'm a big Warriors fan and SO happy they won!!!  Parade here is Tuesday but I can't go because I have a business lunch in SF and can't be in Oakland - although I'm sure the crowds will be insane so maybe I don't want to be anyway!  Will have to see if I can pick up a Championship t-shirt. :-)

@sueinsf - I'm glad the long term Oakland community gets to relish in the celebration! The corporate sponsors and wealthier residents want to forget about the team's roots and fan base Woman Sad


It's getting to the point where it's out of reach for families to enjoy live games given the increasing costs. 


Given the makeup/backgrounds of the players, I hope they will continue to support the Bay Area kids and force the sponsors to balance things out. I would rather sit next to families & kids than tech geeks and wealthy people that don't give back to their communities

@Chi-town girl  I think the sport (and other sports) has become a big business and corporate sponsorships keep getting bigger.  I certainly remember when arenas and ballparks weren't named after corporations.  And now you have to look at a corporate patch on all NBA uniforms.  Tennis players have been doing that for years.


That being said, some of these corporations are providing much newer, nicer places for their teams to play.  AT&T Park for the Giants for example.  So the new Chase Center, while different than Oracle Arena and not in Oakland, likely will be wonderful.  I think many people here see it as a good thing.


Ticket prices of course continue to go up but I don't think it's yet become just for tech geeks and the wealthy -- plenty of kids and families still can go.  Last year I went to one of those playoff/finals watch parties at Oracle -- not expensive and loads of fun (they even gave everyone signs and t-shirts and provided on court entertainment).


And tech geeks do give back to the community.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook donated $75 million to SF General Hospital a few years ago and also has a charitable foundation, like Bill Gates.  And many others also donate to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF).

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Re: Congratulations to The Golden State Warriors 🏆

I watched the beginning part of their parade on the NBA TV channel. I liked how they had the pictures of the players on each bus painted on the side of the bus. They must have started before game four because that looked like a lot of work. There had to be at least seven buses because it was two players per bus and a bus for the coaches.

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Re: Congratulations to The Golden State Warriors 🏆

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With or without LeBron punching that wall, the Cavs were done after that first game. That loss took the wind right out of their sails and there was no coming back from that.