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The Cowboys just announced that Coach Paul died this afternoon.  He had been on life support and was only 54.  The game will still be played tomorrow, but it will be a sad one for the Cowboys nation.

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It is always so distressing to read stories such as this; especially on the eve of the day we gather together, and celebrate our blessings with family and friends.😞


I am sending prayers of solace to his family, and loved ones as they begin to process their grief, and that God wrapped his loving arms of comfort around him.🙏🙏


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what was the cause of his death?


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@GoneButNotForgotten wrote:

what was the cause of his death?


It was never formally released to the public, but it's safe to assume a heart attack or stroke. They're the two things that can jump up out of nowhere and strike someone down. I'd lean more towards a massive stroke as I believe they had him on life support for a while, but that's just speculation.

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