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There will be a game 7 Monday ! It was a thrilling finish, and Miami was stunned ! Wow just wow !!!

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Go Celtics!!!!  I hope they win!!!!!!

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Great game!  I think we all were stunned, not just Miami.  I'm looking forward to game 7 on Monday.

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Re: Celtics Win 🍀

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Go Celtics !  and go Jayson Tatum !  He's well loved here in St. Louis, he went to Chaminade College Prep High school, great school ! awesome player ! Go Jayson !!  

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@QVCkitty1  That was unbelievable what happened those last three seconds!  What a save by White!!!  Woohooo!  Unbelievable!


I don't know if I can take the stress anymore with more games!  Cripes.  LOL!!!  And I banged my leg on the coffee table when I jumped up and down after that play.  LOL!  


GO CELTICS!!! ☘☘☘☘☘

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Not a basketball fan, but! Game 7's in a Playoff? Exciting in any team sport. 


The NHL has had a couple in this years Stanley Cup Run. Like basketball, make a mistake in those games. Can mean winning and moving on, or for hockey, hitting the golf courses.


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