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A pair of shoes just presented are priced at $209.  Way out of my price range! Is it me or is this price point for a pair I of sandals way out of  line for the QVC shopper?  Thanks for letting me vent!

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No you are not alone in noticing sky high prices for shoes.


They are all made overseas and those manufacturers are all paying their overseas facilities and contractors in U.S. dollars. QVC is also one of the worst when it comes to prices. I see better deals at outlet stores or Winners/Marshall's/T.J. Maxx but it's really hit and miss as to the selection and fit too.

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 Thanks for confirming what I thought!

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@Kkins.  I can't afford $200, shoes either but there are many people who can.  Should they be denied the opportunity to purchase shoes they may wish to buy?

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@Kachina624   I need shoes that can withstand 180° pavement and asphalt that's "mushy" in the summer heat.    Maybe I should put in a "request" for those.................(??????)

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A smart shopper knows no shoes are worth that price.   It's such nonsense.  Most of the time you are paying for the name brand.   Myself I don't care about the brand but some people do and if they want to spend (waste) their money, let them.  I only care if the shoes are reasonable, comfortable and structured well.

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I don't understand the high prices either but what I really don't understand is naming the shoes!  I have sneakers, sandals, heels and loafers but I couldn't tell you what their names are.  I have enough trouble at my age remembering my friends names.

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Smiley FrustratedYES @Kkins you vent all you want.  To me this is CRAZY!  I could never afford shoes like this ever.  I need to put my girls thru school and put shoes on THEIR feet.  I wish QVC, would forget these high end brands that are out of sight in price.  I never buy shoes anymore from them.  The direction in which they are going, is not a good one just in my opinion.  Its time I begin to rethink all my purchases. 

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There are people (I guess) who don't mind paying $200 for a pair of shoes.


I don't mind various prices for any item.  The bottom line is buy only what you want.


I enjoy looking at different (yes, even expensive for some) shoes.  


It doesn't hurt anyone for hem to show the shoes.  I can't walk around stores anymore so I enjoy looking at them.  Mostly I can only wear Birkenstock shoes.


Yet, I don't expect on Birkenstock shoes to be shown.  Although I got all of my Birkenstock shoes from QVC.  They are beautiful and you can't buy them anywhere else (flowers, colors, etc).


I wish QVC would start selling Birkenstock shoes again.


I hope QVC continues to bring in new and various shoe brands.  I like that.

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There are shoes for everyone but these aren’t for me. I get my fair share of others. Enjoy.