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Jane Treacy, How many shoes do you have?

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Its weird...I am probably the minority here, but I am not at all a shoe and handbags, I need another home for.  But even boots I only have about 8 pair. 

Handbags...totes full...over 100.  But to your question,  maybe 6 pair.  I know thats a pathetic number.

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She probably has not near as many as some, including even  those on the forums. 

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I probably had at one time around 50 pairs but switching to Vionic and inserts. I now have 12 wearable pairs of shoes including sandals. The older I get the less I need and I'm still happy with what I have.

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I've never really counted my shoes and may have around 30 pairs. Boots which I don't need as much here in southwest Florida, I currently have two pairs of OTK, two pairs of knee high and two pairs of ankle boots with high heels and one pair of flat ankle boots.

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I wouldn’t dare count my shoes. The embarrassment would be too much to take. I am a definite shoe-a-holic. One change, however, is that I usually stick to specific brands, shoes that I know fit me well and are comfortable. Consistent sizing means that I can look for sales online and be fairly certain that I won’t have to return anything. Some of my favorite brands carry styles that are not for me but as long as they have pretty and feminine-looking styles, I can pick and choose as I like. I’ve learned that it’s possible to find well-made, comfortable shoes that do not look like heavy-duty clodhoppers.


In no particular order, here are my favorite brands: Pikolinos, Munro, Beautifeel, Skechers, Aquatalia, Arche. I do buy other brands but prefer sticking with my tried-and-true favorites.

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As many as one can have.  why would anyone care.

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I guess I mis-read the OP.  I thought she was directing her post to JaneT, asking her how many pairs of shoes she had.  Smiley Embarassed

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No, I think you read it right, @Krimpette. OP seems to be a new poster who thinks she is addressing Jane T. directly through this forum. Maybe Jane does read the forum, lol.  

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I don't know how many I have, but it seems I always need another pr