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it's Monday - the day after football sunday

wow! what a game it was. i am happy my boy's won of course but i told DH i am going to have to get on the black and gold phone and get in touch with my coach because that game should not have been that close!!! we should have blown those bengals out the stadium - sorry BG! no one was expecting them to score anywhere near what they did and i told my son and DH they were going to come out with both barrels loaded and they did! bless their little orange and black hearts they tried! but it was sooooooooo exciting and nerve-wracking! i love games like that because that is what good football is all about! but as i always say - it only takes one point to win and that looks much better on my 'frig on a monday morning than a loss!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

how did all the other teams do?????