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Re: Would you wear these?

Often, designers make ugly fashions designs.  


This is another one, but in my opinion, very impractical as well.  Unless you have plenty of $$ to display it as a collector's item only.


The front angle of the model walking, they looked good.  But, up close, NOPE.

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Re: Would you wear these?

When you know what would freeze over.

The more he cast away,the more he had.

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Re: Would you wear these?

@crawford5153 wrote:

Metallic Gold Dolce & Gabbana Rose Embellished Leather Floral Cage Wedges




Shipping Included on Tradesy

Exquisite, hard to find, very rare, truly a Dolce & Gabbana gem. Heel measures 170mm/ 6.5 inches with a 70mm/ 3 inch platform. As seen at the Dolce & Gabbana's runway show, this work of art dazzled as a standout piece. This is your chance to own these beautiful rose-embellished sandals. Crafted in Italy from gold leather with a metal cage heel and velvet insoles, this enchanting design is sure to make a treasured investment, a show stopping collectors item!


These look like something designed for Lady Gaga. I'm sure she would wear them!

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Re: Would you wear these?

Those are so ridiculous.

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