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Would you buy previously worn shoes?

I had an interesting discussion with friends about the resale shops like Poshmark. I said that I have bought clothing which I launder before wearing but wouldn’t consider buying shoes than have been worn and put up for resale. What are your thoughts on this? Out of five of us discussing this two people said they had done it and the other three of us said we would not.
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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

Offhand I'd say no.

Though...IF I found a great pair/brand of cowboy boots, usually very expensive, like Lucchese, online, slightly used, I'd go for them.


I also bought a pair of Franco Sarto platform sandals on Poshmark last summer...said "like new, hardly worn." They were to replace mine I'd had for about 4 years that were looking worn. Because I wore them with lots of sundresses, and hadn't found anything new to replace them with, I looked for them. They were only $20.00. However, I learned a more "faux patent" shoes. It just peels. My old ones had started to peel, but actually, after wearing the Poshmark ones only a few times, they already are cracking, starting to age. I think that plastic gets old, and though these were "almost new", the plastic "patent" was likely dried out. They now look no better than my 4 year old pair did.


It'd be rare times like that I'd buy any 2nd hand shoes, and only new or like new...but unless I find those cowboy boots, probably not again.

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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

@gellen   Probably not unless there were LOTS of pictures, but it depends on if they are new, like new, or show signs of wear in the footbed.


I have sold shoes on Poshmark, many brand new, some worn only once, but all were clean and showed no sign of wear.  I guess it really depends on the condition. 


When I used to bowl, I got whatever shoes they handed me over the counter, so it's not like I never wore shoes that were "worn-in" by others. 

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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

 I would think that the people who would buy already worn shoes  would  choose the shoes that  had no signs of wear or very little wear signs.

I have alot of friends who bought shoes new to wear  to a special event  with a specific outfit and never wore the shoes again. Some people , I know bought shoes  and the shoes were  to tight and never returned them, so it really  depends . My Mother used to buy multiple shoes in  different colors  in a particular style  and  some she never wore .

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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?


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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

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It really depends on the wear of the shoes. I do buy shoes that are returns from various stores off Ebay. They must me in excellent condition with no wear on the tread, it's not good to wear shoes that have molded to another persons foot. I usually buy running and workout shoes. These run close to $300 new. I get them for about $80 and have only received pristine condition shoes. Be sure to buy from reputable sellars that give honest condition of shoes. I never buy shoes that "look" like they have been worn. Many of my purchases were shoes that were only displays or a defect like a spot of glue or a mark on them.


The funny thing is when I was working I literally had 100 pairs of work style shoes. Every garage sale (twice a year) I would sell 10+ pairs and people always bought them first thing. Some were very well worn. It surprised me. I must admit, most were in great condition since I had so many pairs of shoes that each pair rarely got worn. 


So, yes, I guess you could say I buy used but they aren't "worn" shoes. 

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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

I have gotten Fly London sandals on ebay.  I always check the wear on the heel and the open toe.  I will pass if there is a toe imprint.


When I get the shoes, I clean them again; some have been new with tags.


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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

The thought of wearing someone else's shoes is just repulsive to me.  They can't be cleaned like other clothing.

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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?

Experience with shoes from Poshmark sellers has been excellent. I've only bought shoes/sandals that are the same style & size of those I already have. Just recently I picked up a pair of Muk Luk slides, Ryka slip ons, and Earth Origins sandals. They all looked new, too. So far, completely satisfied.


Birkenstocks aren't as comfortable to me anymore as they used to be (due to foot issues), I bought a few previously worn/owned on eBay, as well as some Clarks sandals. Was completely satisfied with those also. 

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Re: Would you buy previously worn shoes?