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Like many of you, I have a lot of shoes.  I wear each pair at some point during the year. I recently noticed that it's actually hard for me to wear out a pair.  What about you?



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I wear out my favorite walking shoes in just a year or maybe a little longer. Walking/athletic shoes should be replaced when they wear out. My hiking boots wear out on the treads mostly and I have those retreaded at a shoe repair place here in town. Those hiking boots are not the disposable kind, too expensive to just replace them when just the bottoms wear out. 

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Years ago when I wore heels a lot I was always wearing down the heels.  They use to have cobbler shops and I would take my heels in and have them repaired.  I guess I wal hard I don't  know, but I wear down tenny shoes at heel also lol

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@pprmntstx   Agree.  I have what I think are very wearable shoes but hesitate to donate them because they are more than "lightly used."  Hate throwing them out.


I also do not have clothes that "wear out" which is why I find why some people think it important to have clothes that "last forever" and pay a premium for them--JMHO!!!



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I pretty much only wear tennis shoes so when they get ratty looking I throw them out.

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I don't have a lot of shoes.  They get worn down but I make them last.  Sometimes the soles need a partial- or full-replacement. Sometimes heels need to be replaced, especially since I'm flat-footed (heels are worn more on their outside edges).  Leather uppers are usually perfectly good, which makes me want to save the shoe.

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Shoes, my downfall.  No way do I wear them out.  About a year ago I decided if I purchased a new pair (or more ) of shoes I had to rid myself of the same number.  So far I have stuck to it.

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I don't play tennis so I don't have any tennis shoes. (Just being goofy, please don't take offense). ❤️   But I do have more sneakers than I need.  I am good about not keeping things for too long, but not when it is about sneakers, shoes, boots.  I have a 'keep them just in case ' issue, even though I don't wear them anymore.

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I am an admitted shoe hoarder.  I haven't worn out a pair of shoes since I was a child.

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I donate shoes when worn....easy, when I think of our homeless doing without.