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@Spazy    Your question was answered.  We are not QVC buyers and neither us or you can force them to stock shoes they can't sell.

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It's the shoe industry.  They don't make them because there isn't enough profit in it for them.  There are a couple of shoe catalogs that sell size 10.5.

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@Spazy wrote:

I wear a size 10.5 NOT an 11, they say if you wear a 10.5 order an 11.  I've tried this and I'm walking around in shoes that are a  1/2 size too big and sliding off my feet.  What makes QVC or the shoe manufactures think this is exceptable. Why can't you provide 1/2 sizes up to 10.5?  I will not be ordering shoes from QVC moving forward.

I hear you. I generally wear a 10 but sometimes I need the extra toe space and 10.5 would do it.  Cannot wear 11 unless it is a sneaker (sometimes).  I actually have tried MENS size 9 or 10 for a sneaker and it can work.  Zappos seems to have more size options but it depends on the brand of shoe.

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I've always wondered about this, too, why rarely does footwear come in size 10.5. 


I'm way on the other end of the shoe size scale so it doesn't affect me, but really, with the millions of women in the world and just a teeny tiny number of them wear size 10.5 that shoe manufacturers refuse to make them?  I find that very strange.



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I too have wondered for many people have bigger feet now. I am a 10 and sometimes need just a half size larger. 11 just too big. There must be just as many people with 10+ sizes as tiny feet 5-6-7.....

when ever I shop at DSW or Famous F or marshall's/TJ there are VERY FEW 10 and greater sizes. Makes no sense to me.

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i have a wide toe box and medium width heel. a lot of trouble finding a good fit in shoes. footwear companies either offer whole sizes or the half size is identical to the whole size. i don't like buying shoes online but if i do i order 2 sizes. they just put a 1/2 size sticker on the sole of the shoe.

It used to be they didnt sell 9 1/2. only 9 and the next size 10.

There is NO standard in shoe sizing anymore, they cheat and just sell whole sizes.

looked at Healthy Feet shoe site but they are all orthopedic looking.

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That is true for years they didn't sell 9 1/2 size which I wear. It took them years to come up with that size. 

My sister wore 11 in high school in the 60s. my mom had to special order them and they were more expensive. These days women have bigger feet!