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Re: Why Can't QVC Add Birkenstock?


These are from the website.  Some of them are exclusives.

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Re: Why Can't QVC Add Birkenstock?

I looked on their website earlier and most of what I saw didn't have/or come in my size (11).


I don't care for the wide straps because they just look old fashioned to me.  But that aside, I couldn't find the size 11.  Some of the cutest designs were for children.


A lot of Isaac's clothes have yellow's and orange colors.  I only have 3 pair that are orange and not many that are yellow.


I did find in the bins of my shoes Rika's from last year.  They were lavender and they fit the outfit (in color).


I put them on and they  felt really good.  When I went back to order more, they didn't have my size and the designs have changed.


I went back on QVC to look but they only have one color.  I keep thinking they were/are Sketchers but they're Rikas.


Here they are.  Sometimes if they're sandals (depends on design) I can wear a size 10.  These are a size 10 and just barely fit but I like them.  Here they are:


The only size 10 they have are navy and they look boring.  Ha!

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Re: Why Can't QVC Add Birkenstock?

Zappo's has a good selection of Birkenstocks. Many of the shoes shown in the previous posts can be found there.