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I've come to the conclusion that the brand of shoes and boots that QVC carries that I like the best  and have the  best fit for my foot is White Mountain.  


And ... they wear well.





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White Mountain was wonderful years ago. I had many pairs of shoes from them, & I especially loved their nubuck slides.  Wore them for many summers

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I liked one style of their thong sandals and bought multiple pairs of them, some on QVC and some at other stores. Also loved their vendor!

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I agree. I bought a pair of saddles 4 summers ago. Still wear them, still comfortable, still love them.

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Re: White Mountain Shoes

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Yes, White Mountain is a good brand. Both their boots and flats are stylish, comfortable and last for years (at least they have for me).

With the weather cooling down I'm looking forward to bringing out my WM boots!


Besides QVC I've bought them at DSW.

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I had a pair of suede fur lined clogs years ago.  They were fabulous!  I bought them again the second season.  But now I don't see the selection they once had on the Q.  Wish they'd bring those clogs back.  Lol

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Re: White Mountain Shoes

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I bought a pair of suede fur lined also a few years back, I wear them a lot, they are so comfortable. Hope they come back.