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Re: Wearing sandals

My husbands toes are really ugly since he's gotten older, you know, fungi nail and the toes are not straight anymore. He loves his Birkenstock sandals and wears them regardless. The only one who has ever commented on his toes was a little kid. I say wear the sandals, life is too short.

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Re: Wearing sandals

They are the feet God gave and they work so hard for you. Return the kindness and let them breathe. 

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Re: Wearing sandals

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I was born with a club foot and have had numerous surgeries on my feet & ankles over my 69 years.I have never been able to wear high heels at all because of the metal in my left foot.I also have bunions now so between the scars the metal in my feet sticking out in odd places and all I always wear closed toe sandals.They aren't hard to find.Check out your local shoe store.And they don't have to be ugly fishermans sandals either. For example - A289330 from earth orgins.

Those Earth Origins closed-toe sandals are fine, but I don't think that they are more attractive than fisherman sandals. But then, I like many of the fisherman styles.

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Re: Wearing sandals

I like these Clarks. They are very comfortable. A303276