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I wear ballet flats with peds--If I don't wear some type of stocking, I get blisters, my feet sweat, and I feel icky uncomfortable.  Does anyone else have this issue?

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No, I don't wear peds but then again, I don't wear ballet flats.  I find them extremely uncomfortable and most of them have no structure or cushioning.  If find a slight heel, wedge or build up sole is more natural and comforable feeling.  BTW, I do lots of consulting work in the footwear industry and ballet flats are not the best for your feet.

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I usually size up a half size.

Gives my feet room to breath,  not so confining.


That said, not all flats are accommodating for my method.

I also powder my feet when I don't wear any socks or hosiery.


On the days I wear my ballet type flats, I don't do a lot of walking.

On those days I wear slip on flats that are made more like an athletic shoe.

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I wear ballet flats alot but the ones I wear do have some structure in them.  I agree with the OP I cannot stand to wear shoes with barefeet.  

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Yes I wear peds with my ballet flats and any other shoe that is fully enclosed.  

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Thank you so much for that adviceHeart It's much appreciated! 



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I don't wear ballet flats because they don't have enough support, but I wear some kind of sock with all my closed-toe shoes. If I think a shoe is cut so that I can't wear a sock, I won't buy that pair of shoes. 

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I wear (mostly) Cole Haan ballet flats.  While I'm usually a 6.5, in these I order 7.  Typically I wear them in spring or fall so do not wear a foot covering.  With ballet flats I never get blisters as they conform (more) to my foot.  Flats are another story.  Structured hard backs sometimes rub my heel, causing blisters if I do not wear a foot covering.

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I do the same as @software.  I don't wear a stocking or peds, I just lightly powder my feet as most materials in the shoes will cause perspiration.  Only wear them in the summer too.

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I wish I could wear peds.  I find them too bunchy to wear comfortably, or else you can see the edges around the shoe.  I'd wear more flats if it wasn't for the peds.

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