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I went shoe shopping yesterday and most of what I'm seeing are sneakers or white soled slip on or white soled oxfords. What happened to "regular" shoes?


I'm thinking maybe the shoe manufacturers assumed we'd still be "nesting" and did not prepare for shoes that are a bit dressier. 

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I don't buy white soled shoes, too much trouble to keep the white soles clean/unstained looking.

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I agree totally! Always happy to find some without the white soles. Not sure why this is such a trend but hoping it is done soon!

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I don't buy shoes with thick black rubber soles because they're so ugly. 

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For me, it depends on the style of the shoe, I tend to lean more towards a darker sole color rather than white soles.

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Last summer I purchased the same style sandal in 3 colors. I loved the style, the fit and comfort but hated the white soles. I purchased craft paint that matched and a clear sealant.  You'd  never know the shoes originally had white soles.

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@Shanus  I agree with you on the white soled shoes.  Not to mention, I have a large foot so the white soles on everything only accentuates it.  

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From a manufacturing standpoint white soles are cheaper for a number of reasons. They don't require dye and they are usually made of lighter material which would save on shipping costs. The thing about dyes, too, is their impact on the environment which would require manufacturers to deal with waste issues with dyes.

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Just saw an article last night about the only shoe we should wear now and throughout the summer is plain white tennis shoes.....Reebok, Keds, Superga. Supposedly, they will make every outfit look more expensive.  I guess what goes around, comes around, even for shoes! 

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As my Mom would comment "it looks like they are wearing the boxes" and I kinda agree with Mom. A no go for me.