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I recently purchased the Vionic Tide Patty style on QVC for $65.

I found Vionic shoes online being sold on "Shopara" for $39 and on "Speley" for $19.99.



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that's why it pays to shop around. I'd just buy them at the lower price and return the QVC ones. 

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And I saw Vionics for $100+ early this week when I went to my local store. Nothing under the $100.  Wasn't there for them but while the fitter was searching for what I did need, I checked them out.   No Vionics sandals left in that store.


What I can't tell from your post is whether the exact shoe was being sold at both places or just the same brand in the same color. 

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Re: Vionics Annoyed

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@KWestchester    Sometimes things can be too cheap and you've got to wonder if they might be knock-offs.  $19.99 sounds suspicious.


I see Speley has writing in Chinese on their website.  I see that and think, "scam".

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