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I wore Think sandals way back in the early 2000’s, maybe 2005 or so.  Bought them in Nordstrom.  The quality of materials and construction of their sandals was fabulous. Their styles are unique. Always got compliments on them. Footbed is much like Birkis— it conforms to your foot. I always bought the styles that covered alot of my foot. As one with many foot issues, I usually don’t hesitate to pay for quality. Wish I could wear less expensive shoes, but I can’t. I’ve tried, but I always end up returning them. When Nordies stopped carrying Think! I moved onto other brands. I thought they went out of business.  Might have to give them another looksee. 

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Glenn Neven (Rep. from Think!) was on with Jane Treacy tonight with those adorable sandals again. Jane asked the pertinent questions about the arch support and the stitching. Good presentation this time!! Thank you, Jane!


Jane covered all of the bases on the Think! brand, which is new at QVC. The first time airing, viewers weren't given the details by the host. From the sales tonight, it seems to have made a huge impact to provide information about the arch support, stitching, toe bar and manufacturing process. Those of us who wear great sandals, what to know the process of the leathers (outside and underside), as well as the materials used on the footbed. It is important in making our decision to purchase! Jane understands and asked the questions viewers need to know. It was also important for the Rep. to have a chance to provide his input. This brand may be pricey, but good footwear is worth every penney.


Thank you, QVC, for putting Think! with a seasoned host. Huge improvement for the second airing of their brand. Hope to see many more shows with Glenn Neven and Think! sandals with great hosts.