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TJ Maxx, Kate Spade, Coach, Dooney, Tig, B.Mak

I got housebound, and tired of grading so on the way back from the chiro I stopped at TJ Maxx. Thank goodness I had just read books about downsizing and I am not a Kate Spade fanatic, or I would have channeled the Kate Spade fans on this board and bought all 4 that I saw. Gorgeous!

I saw a KS black patent tote, but I have nearly the identical one from Maxx, NY. They had a gorgeous, smooth, sleek, black leather tote, the most tempting for me, for only $129!!!! Aren't you all amazed at my restraint? I am such a girly girl, and LOVED the two small patent satchels I saw with bow details, one was solid black, one (be still my heart) was black and white. SO tempting. Yes, if I was still buying for my imaginary life of attending teas and showers and church socials in Channel look-alike suits or ladylike circle skirts, I would have bought these in a heartbeat. Thank goodness that 17 years after leaving the upper east side of Manhattan, I've finally come to terms with the fact that I live in a ski town with 8 months of winter where fleece rules. Sigh.

Oh, the new for the season, bucket style Tigs that Q said was a Q exclusive were there for $79.99, $10 plus shipping less expensive than the Q. The black and cream and dark brown/clay combos are gorgeous, smooth leather, very classy looking.

The Dooneys were nothing to write home about. Some zebra canvas wide totes with red leather trim that didn't look nice in person, a nice red leather tote with vachetta trim, a smaller, red tote style satchel. I liked one small hobo because I'd never seen the color before. It was a darker blue, trimmed with what looked like a navy leather, but it must have been black. I never heard of a Dooney with leather trim. There was one head turner, a purple leather dooney medium zipper pocket sac.

I didn't buy anything, but it was fun shopping and purse posing. The store wasn't crowded when I got there, but as soon as lunchtime hit the lines was out the door!