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TJ Maxx Is Selling Lots of Veras

Couldn't believe my eyes when I went to TJ Maxx today. During the holiday season they usually have one or two, nothing all that interesting. Well now Veras have their own display wall and there were tons of them.{#emotions_dlg.w00t} And more in the rolling bins ready to be put out. Had to hold myself back from diving in there and taking a good look.

Well, I couldn't help myself and came back with the brown quilted convertible satchel in expresso. A $90 bag for $49.99. They had so many gabbys, which are my favorite. Lots of accessory pieces too. I had to leave before I did some serious damage. They also had some older patterns like the elephants and the little blue, black and yellow paisley print, but most of them were current. None of the newest patterns though. Boy that was a fun trip!