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Long story short....due to ankle fracture that is healing my foot is still really swollen. I was my Clark flip flops that adjust would work, but sadly no. Any suggestions for a sandal for a very wide (lol) foot to wear??? Thanks!

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What about Spenco slides? They’re pretty wide 

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@3blackdogs   I’m sorry about your fracture! You do need some support so it won’t twist.

   I wear a 7 wide in most shoes and a 37 in Birkenstock’s. I must have a hundred pair. Some have straps that buckle, to adjust. Some have soft foot beds.

The Orthaheel run more narrow but now they have wide but I find they are inconsistent in sizing.

   It might be best for you to go to a SAS store if there is one near you. The salespeople will fit you properly, and they come in wide.I have several pair that are soft and I bought for walking.

  Take care!

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Slippers that look more like shoes.


Adding onto the previous post.  I was birkenstock 2 buckle slides in plastic at Nordstrom for $40.

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Re: Suggestions Needed

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When I broke my ankle, I was fitted with a walking boot that pumped up to fit my foot and leg by my ortho doctor.


i wore it for six weeks and was then fitted with a fabric brace that I could lace up over my foot and wear with my regular shoes.


You  need to keep your ankle from sliding around as much as possible and need support until it fully heals.  Maybe you should discuss your shoe issue with your doctor.


i can't imagine that any sandal would be comfortable.



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Maybe you can try Low Platform Wedge Slides from Dream Pairs,i got one last month and it's really comfort for walking ,otherwise you can also try some shoes especially designed to treat and alleviate foot pain from plantar fasciitis like orthee.

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I have a reconstructed ankle and hardware up to my knee.   I find Crocs® and Dawgs®  sandals run wide and they are very pliable.

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When I broke my foot I wore keen shoes.They have a wide toe box and lots of support but they aren’t cute.

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@Lizzylou1020 wrote:

What about Spenco slides? They’re pretty wide 


I agree with Spenco.  I found them to be wide. 

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When I broke my foot, I got a pair of New Balance walking shoes.  They came in extra wide and had a sturdy bottom.  I no longer am able to wear them due to the width, but they were very secure and stable while my foot healed.