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Faux Fur lined waterproof suede mid-calf boot.  I love Sporto boots and they are a quality brand.  I would probably be all over these boots, but I just bought something similar that I think will work better for me.  The Sporto boot looks like it will look best with either leggings or with skinny pants tucked in.  I don't wear a lot of leggings and I only have one pair of skinny jeans because they are just too tight on my legs.  I will wear straight-leg jeans the way most people wear skinny jeans, but then I would have to fold the excess fabric at the ankle over.  


The boots I bought are shorter and I'm hoping will work with my boot-cut jeans better than these Sporto boots will.  


If you have an athletic calf like I do, the Sportos will also work well for you.  And, they're waterPROOF.

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I am a fan of Sporto boots also and gave in to a pair in black.  I live in New England and like to walk so these will come in handy.  


I had a coupon for $10.00 Off and Free Shipping.  Can't beat it.

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Those are cute...I think I have something similar to them.  I have to see what's in the closet in the laundry/mud room.  Funny what you forget is in the closet from season to season.