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The Q claims to be having a 25% Spenco promotion today on ALL Spenco footwear, but when I went to the listing for the Malibu 21 sneaker the price shown was < 10% off. I added the item to my cart and tried to go to checkout to see if the discount would be applied, and it wasn’t. I had to call CS. This borders on false advertising.
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Did CS honor the 25% off?  I order my Spencos from the big A.  Better prices and no shipping fee. I am not a prime member BTW.  They are also great with size exchanges.  Fast, easy, and free.

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Yes, CS gave me the 25% off.
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@danilova  glad you caught it. -


wonder if all spenco was was coming up at 10%.  One item out of many sounds like employee error to me, rather than false advertising.

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Good catch! I found Spenco sandals  at Big 5 today  for $29. They were  Yumi.  They had mens and women's, lots of colors. Score!