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So i received Cranberry Nina....

I received the cranberry nina and the red nina package last night. Cranberry nina is actually a bordeaux plum undertone color...bummer.... I was hoping for a true cranberry color. I'm still keeping it because Ive been searching for a purple bag. The red nina is a dirty brown red..another bummer. Pebble grain classic colors are more saturated and rich. For example, I bought the classic satchel in Red which is a true tomato red. I also bought the green classic satchel which is a true hunter green, not like IVY which is a blue green. The cranberry in this classic satchel was darker than crimson but a goregous dark rich red. I'm a little dissapointed in the cranberry nina, both the classic satchel and the nina have cranberry and both are two different colors. I wished I knew how to post pics. Even the pebble grain and nina have red but both are two different color. Pebble grain is definitely alot prettier color payoff.