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Just bought the Skecher's go-walk patriotic slide sandals from Macy's on sale for $40 and free shipping. I first saw them here on an earlier presentation today (6/13)  for $49 - J643332. Cute slide sandal...I ended up having $10 in Star Rewards so I got them for $30.

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Re: Skechers patriotic slides


Good for you! I am a Macy's shopper and enjoy those star rewards also!

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Re: Skechers patriotic slides

Gee, if only QVC had some type of a reward program, perhaps shoppers wouldn't go elsewhere so often.

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Re: Skechers patriotic slides

@jannabelle1    Smart annd savy shopper!    I bought a pair of the CLARK's Brinkley Jazz sandals at a local Marshalls for $15.99 and they sell everyday on the Q for $40.00 so go figure.    There are deals to be had !