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@StylishLady @Pecky  I totally agree.  I would like some shorter heeled (2 inches) or kitten heel pumps or dress shoes.  I need to dress up for work and am always trying to find shoes that aren't too casual but still comfortable.  This time of year it's hard to find anything but sandals.

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I just don't know how she maintains that excitement all the time for so many years.  She cannot love everything.  If it is medication I want some of it.  She loves Disneyworld so maybe it is just her personality.  

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Re: Shoes with Jane

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Can't watch  Jane.  She's too wild about every shoe for me.  No shoe is that great!  haha

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All those shoes and rarely any in narrow.  I have tried wearing medium width shoes and walk right out of them, unless they have several straps or laces to tighten them.  Mostly, if possible, I wear socks with medium width shoes.  Unfortunately, that's not always a good look!  Dressy shoes with socks don't work.  Are there really so few of us who need narrow shoes that a big retailer like the Q rarely offer them?  If they can have just about every shoe they sell in wide, why so few in narrow?