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Re: Shoes for summer with toe covered

You could also try some flat espadrilles that cover the feet. Lots pop up when I goggle "flat espadrilles". Good luck. 

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Re: Shoes for summer with toe covered

@Kachina624   Back in the 80's - 90's I loved those fisherman

sandals in the Judith style that you posted. I had them in five

different colors. That was before I became addicted to Birkenstocks.

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Re: Shoes for summer with toe covered

@geezerette wrote:

They just showed a pair of Skechers this morning on Saturday Morning Q and described them exactly like that.  For people that want a lightweight shoe without showing their toes.  A599837

Those are cute them.  But, alas, Skechers does not make any narrows.  I would walk right out of them.

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Re: Shoes for summer with toe covered



I think they sell the open toe shoes for the same reason they sell so many crop / ankle pants.


They are less likely to get returns on the open toe and thong footwear (and ankle / crop pants) for sizing issues.


I don't wear open toe shoes for one simple reason - city sidewalks are rather dirty.



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There are hundreds of CUTE summer shoes.  What about us over 60 or anyone who is unable to show their toes at WORK and would like a very comfortable cute shoe for the summer? There are hundreds that look just perfect until you see that it shoes your toes. Is it that difficult to add the material over the toe?  I'm just baffled over the number of shoes without toe coverage. What about the working people who may get warm in their work environment? Many offices don't allow flip flops or toes showing. Myself, I'm disabled, 70 and have a condition that I don't want to show my toes. Please bring comfortable, toe covered CUTE shoes for the warm climates. I can't find any locally so I depend on my almost 50 years with the Q to be my resource. Maybe an option for toes showing and those without on the same design? Thank you.


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Re: Shoes for summer with toe covered


Woman Wink

a good arch support