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@ECBG  WOW!  I want to go back in time and live in your store!

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Hope you never become diabetic.  If you do, socks always, no sandals, no flip flops.



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I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT everyone's feet 😓! Some more than others!
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You're not alone! To me, wearing closed toe shoes without socks is like wearing pants without underwear! That being said, I don't like the look of socks, so I wear no-show socks with my closed toe shoes. Bombas work well. 


In the warm months, I wear mostly flip-flops so no socks, but I rotate several pairs and replace all of them every year.


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I always wear some type of sock in closed-toed shoes.


For those of you who hate wearing socks, if your shoe has a removable insole, you can cover it with a no-show sock (backwards with the opening on the underside) so at least the footbed is protected. I do this with a pair of house shoes. I change out the socks covering the insoles weekly.

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I live in the deep, steamy, hot south and summer for us is 6-7 months. 

I wear sandals during that time, and wedges into the fall. No socks. 


For the 4-5 months that I can wear closed in shoes (boots) I do wear socks. I've never been comfortable with how the inside of shoe like that feels without a sock on. 


The good news is my socks last forever lol

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I love shoes without socks.  In fact I hate wearing socks but I have to wear them in the winter if it is really cold but I have two pair of Uggs so I never wear socks with them.  Right now it is fashionable for men to wear shoes without socks.  That's what I like about most gay men, they will rock that look and a few straight guys too.

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