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I have never been able to wear shoes without wearing socks.  Really dislike the feeling.

Am I Alone in this?

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I haven't seen any official statistics on the wearing of socks, but must confess that I never wear them, even in winter.  I wear compression hose on airplanes and that's it for hosiery.

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I cannot stand the feeling of a closed toe shoe or sneaker without wearing a sock.  

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No - you're not alone. 


Just the thought of bare feet in shoes is "icky." 


All those dead skin cells building up inside of shoes?  


I wear socks, trouser socks or knee-highs - never bare feet.

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I wear sock with boots but never Uggs, I rarely wear socks with sneakers. I can not remember the last time I wore a shoe

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In the summer I don't wear socks with shoes but make sure I put lots of foot powder in the shoes!!!!!!!  It does help.


What really irks me are those who try on shoes in a store without socks, that is so gross and unhealthy.  I am very turned off and would never do it myself.  



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Re: Shoes Without Socks

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When I see women...and men...without socks, yet wearing beautiful and expensive shoes, I am grossed out. To ruin the inside of shoes with foot sweat, and more, is a disgusting thought. I think that the longevity of shoes is affected by the no-socks practice. I always wear socks, Peds, knee hi stockings, or pantyhose with my shoes. Anything less is simply gross.

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I hate socks!  I will never wear them unless in extreme circumstances--summer or winter.  My feet don't sweat, don't stick, don't have a problem and I hate the way my feet feel in socks!


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i love socks, but for the warmth factor.  i wear them  on those few days during winter when my feet are cold, and i wear them in bed a lot (year round) ... but i never wear socks in summer.

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Yuck!!!  Dirty, smelly and disgusting to me! I wear socks and never go barefoot in shoes - except for sandals and even then I wipe the sandal where my feet touch each time I wear them!  I have seen the mess from those who powder the insides of their shoes!  I cannot imagine that anyone does not sweat inside shoes and have their feet moist and sticky.