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Re: Shoe Advice

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@Smc09   Here is my opinion to consider or toss aside as you choose, and I suspect your husband's hunch might be correct.  


You definitely need to wear shoes that give you ample support.  Ballet type slippers don't offer that.


Trust me, save the pretty shoes and especially high heels for those very special occasions where you walk from the car to the event for that dinner or dance.  


I am in my sixties now.  In my college years (1971 to 1975) platform shoes became the rage.  I ditched those quickly despite how nice they looked with the then fully in fashion bell bottoms and mini skirts and dresses--and my thin, very long legs and  thin ankles were my best feature!  But I was getting corns and back problems, not to mention almost breaking an ankle--instead enduring just a very bad sprain.  Three months of suffering in that type of shoe and I was done with suffering in the name of "fashion".


Another tip is to definitely wear shoes that have good support if and when you ever decide to become pregnant.


I would go to a good shoe store and have an expert measure each foot.  Then try on lots of shoes and walk around in them.  Go when it is not busy and take your time.   Then pick the nicest ones you can find that are comfortable.  If wearing better, more supportive shoes doesn't clear your complaints after a decent interval, definitely see a qualified orthopedic foot doctor for a full exam and your regular general practioner as well.


Believe me, knees, hip, and back problems are nothing you want to keep experiencing.  If you don't cut this off at the pass you'll regret it when you are much older.  Keep your body in good order so you are not creeping around in pain in your silver and golden years.  Think of the weight your feet carry and how the right shoe and correct posture keep your spine in the proper alignment.


Once you have a good idea of your size, and true width, and your arch type, such as a high instep, then you can order online at places like Zappos that have free shipping and returns.  If you have a DSW near you their bigger stores carry a nice range of styles and some are comfortable without being drab.  Get their loyalty card, too, so you can take advantage of their best offerings and prices.


And now this senior citizen lady will shut up, except to wish you good luck in your hunt for comfortable and stylish shoes--it is possible to find them--and a long, pain free future to you as you approach your middle years. 

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MD first and then check out SAS shoes, sandals. They 

are not cheap, but they are worth every cent.

@Smc09 wrote:
I am needing to get some advice on shoes....
I am 33 years old and I am having issues with my feet, knees and hips. My husband thinks it could be the shoes I’m wearing.
During the spring/summer/fall seasons, I basically wear my Tieks (ballet flats) or I wear flat sandals. So basically shoes with zero support.
My feet, knees and hips have been stiff and hurting at the end of the day and now I have noticed that in the mornings when I get out of bed my feet hurt so bad when they hit the floor that I just about buckle.

So I don’t even know where to start. I know shoes are not a one style fits all but maybe you all can give me some advice on where I can begin to look.

Thanks so much!


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Re: Shoe Advice

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I'd go to a podiatrist and see what damage has taken place, then see where you need to go from there so you don't buy a lot of shoes that don't work and you're stuck with.

Your back will support you for the rest of your life.  Take out the guess quotient and go "smart".

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Where I live there s a sort of specialty shoe store that carries wide to triple wide narrow to triple narrow etc. These ladies really know there shoes and trouble feet. She told me I had a fallen arch and needed to go up a half size in my shoe.  She also said absolutly no flip flops or flat shoes without support. Maybe there is such a store near you. Saves money on a podiatrist. 

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@Smc09  I don't know if you have much of an arch in your feet, but I have a very high arches and insteps. I love the look and colors of Tieks, but they kill my feet!  If I do wear them, it's out to dinner or to a show where I won't be on my feet for long.  Invest in a pair of shoes with good support and save the Tieks for times when you will be mostly sitting!Smiley Happy

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I think you might need orthotics. You wear them in your shoe. They used to be custom made, but ,now you can buy them pre-made. They help people a lot. My sister wears them. You should always wear a shoe with a bit of a heel, that will also help you

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I can’t thank you all enough for your advice!
After a couple of weeks of shoe shopping (without purchasing any) and also hopes that it would go away I’m afraid that the situation is getting a little worse.
Usually the pain would subside after walking around for a while but now my feet hurt all day long.

Luckily, I bit the bullet and now have an appointment with a podiatrist next week.

Fingers crossed and thank you all again!
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@Smc09 Thank you so much for updating us on your situation.  Good luck with your upcoming appointment with the podiatrist.  Hope some relief will be provided by the examination.

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@Smc09  All doctors will tell you high heels are the worse for women's feet; however, we still wear them.  It sounds like you need to wear a shoe with arch support.  I don't think you require a shoe by Vionic (Orthopedic) but check out Earth or Alegria.

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My guess is that you have plantar fasciitis and that you...

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My guess is that you have plantar fasciitis and that you got it from wearing shoes with no support. I'm interested to hear what your podiatrist says. I got PF in my 30s and started wearing Vionic flip-flops as soon as I got out of bed. It didn't take long for them to feel better. That was 20 years ago and I have never had a recurrence. I only wear shoes with support. I'm still loyal to Vionics but have added other brands like Earth and Alegria. Good luck!