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Spenco is such a great & comfortable shoe. My question is, does it straighten you leg up like Vionics do? I own several Spenco flip flops & my feet never burn after wearing them a long period of time. I am not sure about them straightening out the leg. As they don't promote straightening out your leg the way Vionics do. Does anyone the differences between the two  besides the costs. Vionics are so much more.

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I bought one pair of Spenco and was 100% disappointed. They were stiff, hard, uncomfortable and very little arch support. I returned them and now just pass them buy. 


It gets very expensive returning shoes to the Q @ $5.50 Shipping and Handling and $7.00 to return.


I just got a pair of Skechers that I have to return. Same as above: hard, stiff, very uncomfortable. They talked about the memory foam. Don't believe it. They are washable, but who wants to wear them. There goes $12.50 down the drain to return. I've got to stop this!