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I am trying to get the email address of RYKA.  I always hear  the hosts refer to emails they have rec'd from customers and I want to know how to reach them too.  Meet the hosts is listed but nothing further about how to get in touch with them.  Also the vendors.  I want to contact RYKa to find out how to clean the inside soul of their comfort sandals A271197.  That is the number of just one of  them.  I've tried everything and they really get quite dirty on the footbed as sandals will do.  There are deep grooves that I can't even clean with a brush.  The only way I found to do it is with a toothpick and go over all the lines.  That takes forever and the next time you wear them again 2-3 times you're cleaning it again.   Please help.  Lorraine Koschock  

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You need to call customer service to get vendor information.  You can contact hosts on their Facebook pages.  I seriously doubt Ryka could suggest more than what you've already done.  

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See the Contact Us page on Ryka's site.