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Monday in the red color. What a beautiful color!!! I love the size of this bag. Its just the right size. A definite keeper!!

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Thanks for the review. I will have to look up this bag.

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Pepper - I have the Glenna in the new red too! It's such a beautiful bag. I hope you enjoy yours!
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I have the Glenna in Canterberry Cobalt- a great bag and pattern!!

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{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Enjoy your new bag, Pepper!

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Congratulations on the Glenna! I think the Glenna is the best VB style and I have a couple of them, too. The strap drop is nice, and the space inside is perfect. Enjoy it! Smile

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Ladies, thanks for your replies. I'm going to switch over to this bag tonight. I've been using the Caroline bag in the Canyon pattern.

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Love the Glenna!! Enjoy your new bag.
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Anyone have the Glenna microfiber in the blue? Could you wear this to work or casual? Do you think they will present in the new black and white today? This one has a zipper is that correct?