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Re: Pretty Patricia Nash bag Macy's 2027514

On 3/31/2015 stevieb said:
On 3/31/2015 BlingQueen022 said:

Did I need another handbag? No, lol But I had to grab this one. 69 dollars off the price too, on sale.

13 - Patricia Nash ''Monte'' Leather Buckle Detailed Satchel

Very pretty going into spring and summer, BQ...

Thank you StevieB! I love the structured look of this bag. What I love the most was the fact it's not a very wide handbag from the side. Will fit perfectly on the shoulder. I love it when Patricia is on Evine Live. She has a great line of handbags. I lover her styles. By the way, I received that OrYany bag, but I'm returning it. I just don't care for the leather on it. It just feels a bit spongy to me. It weighs a ton! So back it goes. This Patricia Nash bag is a nice replacement. Have a fabulous Wednesday, it's hump day! Yipppppie, lol.

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Re: Pretty Patricia Nash bag Macy's 2027514

I like that bag!!

FYI - not sure who knows or cares...ha! Starting April 6th, Macy's Pre-Sale for Friends & Family Sale begins....I believe you must put on your Macy's charge to get the Pre-Sale discount. It always includes designer items that normally aren't included in sales or extra discounts/coupons. You put whatever you want on your charge card, and then you pick it up at a later date (approx 2 weeks after the pre-sale begins)....The pre-sale goes on until the sale begins!

Enjoy - I will :/ lol

***This bag would be $126.75 during the sale!

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Re: Pretty Patricia Nash bag Macy's 2027514

DiamondGirly-- thanks for the heads-up!
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