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Pebble Leather vs. Dillen Leather

What is the difference between Dillen and Pebble Leather? I think they look very similar. TIA

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Re: Pebble Leather vs. Dillen Leather

Dillen was a specific collection using a very thick pebbled leather. Dillen II was the second version of that collection and the leather was thicker and softer. Dillen II and Dillen were good quality pebbled leathers.

The term pebbled leather is very general and refers to leather that may be of various qualities and various thicknesses. The only thing they have in common is that the texture of the leather is pebbled. It makes it more difficult to buy without seeing the item in person. For example, I have 2 pebbled leather zip zip satchels, with differing trim, and different style numbers. The leather on one of them is better than the leather on the other.

Sometimes there is a style that has a name and it's made of pebbled leather, but they don't identify it as pebbled leather, but rather call it my it's style id.... for example the Logo lock hobo.

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Re: Pebble Leather vs. Dillen Leather

great explanation.  thank you!